Polaroid v GoPro – Battle of the Action Camera

C&A Marketing, the manufacturer of  Polaroid’s cameras, filed a lawsuit against GoPro on Tuesday in the U.S. District Court in Newark, New Jersey.

A representative from GoPro defended the company stated that the Polaroid Cube was released after GoPro had already started to work on the Hero4 Session.

Essentially the dispute is based around the Design Patent owned by C&A Marketing which is for a cube shaped action camera. The Cube camera came about around two years ago. GoPro on the other side released a cube shaped action camera by the name of the ‘GoPro Hero4 Session’ the two designs are highly similar in terms of shape and materials used.

The Polaroid Cube is nearly two years old, while the Hero4 Session Camera only made its way to market in July of this year.It can be said that the Cube was essentially copying the entire GoPro concept to begin with… but we don’t want to get involved in this one. Although the Polaroid Cube was launched almost 2 years ago, C&A obtained design patent only in May 2015.

A spokesman of GoPro has stated that the wording of the design patent is poorly worded and vague in its description. Nevertheless we will hear of the result of this dispute in due course.

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