Pirate ISP sunk by $1 billion damages by music giants

Music these days is immediately accessible. Its not the case of having to buy a record or wait for your favourite tune to come on the radio. With streaming and instant music downloads, our music consumptions will only increase.
Many of us source our sound from legitimate sites and providers, keeping on the right side of copyright law, however others choose to ignore the law. There are a number of ‘pirate’ sites which contain music, films and other content as an illegal download, preventing the need to pay for the copyright protected work. These sites are liable for copyright infringement and are challenged by the copyright owners on a regular basis.

A recent case, however, differs to this as the company under fire was an internet service provider. Cox Communications allegedly went beyond their normal remit and ‘knowingly contributed to, and reaped substantial profits from, massive copyright infringement committed by thousands of its subscribers.”

The claim to put an end to this was filed by giants in the music world, and companies who have lost millions in royalties because of pirates, Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music and EMI.

These companies took their complaint to a US court and sort $1 Billion in damages and lost royalties. This was claimed in respect of more than 10,000 pirated songs. After a 13-day trial, this was awarded in a unanimous decision by the jury.

After the trial, Cox indicated they were seeking to appeal the decision so time will tell if this eye watering figures still is payable – but take this as a warning use legitimate sources otherwise it might come back to mute you.

If you would like any advice in respect of your music or have general copyright queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team!

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