Photographer mentored by Prince sues singer’s estate for copyright infringement.

Madison Dube filed a lawsuit last week against the late Prince’s estate for copyright infringement of her photographic work. Dube got the opportunity to work with Prince for the last few years of his life, and insists that his estate have been exploiting her work since, more specifically imagery of Prince, without any consent or license to do so.

The lawsuit holds detail of how Prince discovered Madison’s work, back in 2013, leading the pair to develop a close friendship. This then led on to Prince hiring the photographer on many occasions for photography, videography and other creative work. Furthermore, the suit holds details that Prince believed all creative workers should hold the right and ownership to their artistry which could be the main reason why Dube never signed away the right of her work. Nevertheless, Prince’s estate has continuously made use of the images, which she took of the musician on various occasions.

Dube insists the team were made aware it was her work they were infringing, and that she was not approached in any manner in regards to this. The photographer is now seeking injunctive relief, in order to prevent her images and work to be utilised in the future, as well as seeking damages for all past uses too.

For further information and understanding of copyright, in regards to artistic works (imagery), please view the article titled ‘Legal guidance to understanding copyright within a photography business’, listed in our Reading Room.

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