Personal Injury – Schedule of Loss

This is a schedule of the financial losses incurred by a party(s) in a personal injury case. This is a very important document where the financial losses in personal injury cases often being higher than the being pecuniary losses.

A Schedule of Loss must be verified by a statement of truth.

A Schedule of Loss usually will include:

(1)   an introduction – this will include the Claimant’s name, date of birth, date of accident and age at the time of accident, marital status, trial date, and where relevant education, future career prospects, life expectancy, retirement age and interests. This section may also include Pain Suffering and Loss of Amenity (which can also be a separate section). Pain suffering and loss of Amenity can include any disability or handicap the Claimant may have in the working market, employment problems caused by the accident, marriage breakdown etc.


(2)   Special damage – this will provide the Claimant’s losses and expenses to date including loss of earnings, medical expenses, equipment, charges, gardening and maintenance, damaged items, increased in holidays, medical expenses, care costs, accommodation, costs of not being able to care for others.


(3)   Future loss – This includes loss of earnings, future care, loss of pension, requirement for future assistance, medical treatment, accommodation etc. Some of these figures will be calculated by reference to a multiplicand and some by reference to a multiplier.


By Michael Coyle at Lawdit solicitors

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