Peloton settle $150 million copyright lawsuit, after making use of unlicensed music content

Peloton, an exercise equipment developer, have just settled a $150 million lawsuit, in relation to their use of over 1000 unlicensed songs, according to filings in the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of New York. The songs are used in the fitness programme provided by the company, whom specialise in bikes and treadmills, promoting music-driven workout routines. This comes with a rough cost of $40 per month, enabling the stream of live classes. The bike itself sells for $2,200, however owning Peloton equipment is not a requirement, if you still wish to stream the workout classes.

The lawsuit was originally filed almost a year ago, in March 2019. Although the lawsuit has finally been settled, Peloton or any other contributing parties have not yet disclosed the value of worth, of the agreement.

The plaintiffs in the dispute include over 20 music publishers, such as Downtown Music Publishing, Round Hill and Big Deal Music, who all requested the already mentioned amount for damages. The plaintiffs insist that the exercise developers ‘wilfully infringed’ the publishers copyright, leading to a loss of income, according to the filings. The infringed content included songs produced by chart-topping artists such as Drake, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Childish Gambino, just to name a few. In their defence, Peloton have spoken out to say that they hold a great level of respect for the named artists, insisting that they actually partnered with each of the major music publishers.

In other news, Peloton are not just on the receiving end of a lawsuit, as they recently filed a patent infringement claim against rival company Flywheel. They are suing Flywheel for copying their tech exercise bike, alongside the concept of streamed at-home classes. Peloton are giving current Flywheel customers the option to trade in their bikes, in exchange for a refurbished Peloton one. This came as a result of Flywheel admitting copyright infringement.

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