Patents and mediation

If you are in a dispute over your patent you may wish to consider Mediation. It is one form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). It allows opposing parties to talk about their dispute and try to come to an agreement without the need for a court hearing. The mediator’s job is not to reach a decision on the dispute but to help the parties work out possible solutions to it.

Advantages to using mediation:

Mediation needs the agreement of both parties and allows a global dispute to be settled in one course of action.

It can cover a broader range of issues than those that are the subject of the litigation.

It settles disputes more quickly.

It contributes to the more efficient use of court time.

An agreement reached through Mediation can create a positive solution for all parties. For example results of licensing or supply contracts that the courts cannot award.

If you wish to consider mediation to resolve your patent dispute it is best to contact a law firm who specialises in patents and who are skilled in using mediation, advising on a suitable mediator.

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