Paramount needs a hero after copyright claim against Top Gun: Maverick

The long-awaited Top Gun sequel has been a hit at the box office, earning $548m (approx. £438m) globally in its first 10 days of release.

This success has now been overshadowed by a legal issue, as family of Ehud Yonay have filed a copyright claim.

Yonay was the author of a story released in 1983 called ‘Top Guns’. This inspired the 1986 original Top Gun film.

However, the family claim that Paramount Pictures did not retain the rights to the work when the latest film has been developed and released.

This has been disputed by Paramount who have confirmed they will contest the claim filed in LA this week.

With the film being such a success, the damages sought will be high, if the claim is successful.

With the filming of the film being delayed due to covid, timing will certainly be the key to this case. The Claim states that Paramount were put on notice that their copyright license would expire in 2020.

Without full details it is difficult to determine how this case will be decided but its certainly one that will be action packed.

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