P & G are trying to make the US Trade Mark Office LOL with new acronym applications

Proctor and Gamble are one of the biggest companies around the world producing branded household products such as Olay, Bold and Pampers.

Being such a big business, they undoubtedly have a large trade mark portfolio.

However it is their new attempts to add to this which have raised an eyebrow or two.

Making a number of applications to the US Trade Mark Office, they have applied to protect a number of well used acronyms, including LOL and WTF.

The company has applied for these acronyms in respect of household products including cleaners, soaps and detergents.

It is reported that these short phrases will become new brands to fit in with their already established portfolio.

The applications were made in April therefore there is still some time to go before the success of the applications will be revealed, but if successful it will certainly encourage the younger generation to take note of their products.

With the applications still ‘To Be Decided’ time will tell if P & G can laugh out loud at their success.

Watch this space!

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