Orphan Works Licensing Scheme

Rent an orphan

A new licensing scheme launch today could give wider access to at least 91 million culturally valuable creative works.

What’s the catch?

These works are covered by copyright, but the holders cannot be found by those who need to seek permission to reproduce them.

Under this new scheme, a license can be granted by the Intellectual Property Office so that these works can be produced on websites, in books and TV without infringing copyright, while protecting the rights of owners so that they can be remunerated if they come forward.

The scheme aims to reunite copyright holders with their works and ensure that they are paid for their creations. The UK scheme will be administered by the UKIPO and there will be two fees payable for this service, one licence fee and an administrative fee.

This scheme play an important role in reuniting people with their rightful works and making sure that they receive the fees that they are entitled too but at the same time allowing people to license works where an owner cannot be found.Â

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