‘One article nearly killed me’ – Mail on Sunday sued in Libel case

Beautician and mother who attempted suicide after the Mail on Sunday published a libellous article has won her case following a two year battle.

In December 2017, the Mail on Sunday published an article describing Danielle Hindley as a “Rogue” beautician following a complaint from a former schizophrenic client.

Shortly before the article was published, a Mail on Sunday reporter entered Ms Hindley’s home pretending to be a customer whilst secretly filming the visit.

Ms Hindley was then contacted by the newspaper for her comments and despite denying all the allegations made against her, the article was published. Following its publication, Ms Hindley claimed that she was constantly trolled and bullied which consequently resulted in her attempting to take her own life “within days” of the false story being released.

After a lengthy two year battle with the Mail on Sunday, the beautician has now been awarded “a life changing sum” in damages by the Royal Courts of Justice.

This isn’t the first time Mail on Sunday have landed themselves in hot water. In October last year, Meghan Markle commenced legal proceedings against the newspaper after they published a private handwritten letter that she had sent to her estranged father.

Following the ruling in her favour this week, Ms Hindley has organised an event in Leeds in a bid to raise awareness of mental health issues whilst paying tribute to Ms Caroline Flack who committed suicide on February 20th.

As we can see here, the tort of defamation law has for many years, protected the reputation of individuals. Based on Lord Atkin’s test for the word ‘defamatory’ in Sim v Stretch, defamation can be defined as ‘…the publication of a statement which reflects on a person’s reputation and tends to lower him in the estimation of right-thinking members of society generally or tends to make them shun or avoid him’.

If you any questions relating to defamation, contact us today where we would be happy to assist you!

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