Old Town Copy

Lil Nas X the music industry new breakout star has been hit with a 25 million-dollar lawsuit over the new song “Carry On” on his debut EP 7.
The song has been alleged of using the Sample of the song with the Same name ‘Carry On’ By Bobby Caldwell which was published in 1982. It has been alleged that Sony should have known better and should have cleared the sample before letting it be released and that Lil Nas X and his producer was motivated by Greed and Malicious intent.

Also, that It was far better for Sony to get a quick cash pay-out as quickly as possible as Lil Nas X has attributed massive success from Old Town Road having on this day placing at no.1 for the past 16 weeks in the billboard charts. Rather than vetting his Music as of yet there has been no response from Sony and Lil Nas X.

By Owen White Third Year Law Student at Solent University

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