Offensive Trade Marks

Examples of marks considered to be objectionable under section 3(3)(a) JESUS Contrary to public policy; offence is caused by the fact that an accepted religious value is likely to be undermined to a significant extent if this word is used as a trade mark.

WHITE DOVE YOU DON’T NEED WINGS TO FLY Contrary to public policy as it would be seen as promoting drugs (White Dove is a nickname for a type of drug)

SNUFF MOVIES Contrary to public policy as it would be seen as promoting pornography and murder. Contrary to accepted principles of morality in view of bad language.

FOOK Contrary to accepted principles of morality as it is phonetically identical to, and visually similar to the taboo word FU*K in some regional dialects in the UK

Raatz Pizs This mark was for beer.

BREWERS DROOP Fairly inoffensive Fairly mild slang word

EROTICA Not offensive

OLD FARTS Relatively inoffensive


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