Nutella effort to revolutionise brand

The chocolate hazelnut spread creator, Ferrero are looking to change Nutella’s branding in the US in a bid to attract the more health-conscious consumer.

A popular topping at breakfast time or any time for that matter, everyone knows the chocolately taste of a dollop of Nutella.

However as more and more of us are becoming increasingly concerned about our waistlines, the jar of chocolate hazelnut delight is being overlooked.

With this in mind, Ferrero are looking to make a change in relation to their brand that they hope will encourage more consumers to still reach for Nutella.

In the US, Nutella’s current designation is as a ‘dessert topping’ which may discourage many as being an unhealthy choice. This is based on an average serving of two tablespoons as a topping for ice cream.

However, Ferrero want to change its designation as a spread, which has an average serving of a tablespoon. This will show it as a healthier choice, as it could reduce the fat and calories listed on the nutritional label by 50% in the US.

This change would bring the product in the same view as it is seen across many other countries, such as the UK, France and Australia where one tablespoon is deemed the serving suggestion average.

The US Food and Drug Administration are the ones to make the decisions and it is thought that this will be made in the next two months.

Soon your favourite chocolate spread could be deemed as a healthy choice!

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