Not H.E.R Music: H.E.R Copyright Infringement

The popular and Grammy-winning music artist H.E.R came under dispute after being accused of infringing Andre Sims’ original composition without obtaining consent from him. H.E.R’s album (LP), released in 2017, includes a song named ‘Focus’ which bears significant resemblance to Endless Minds, a song that was written and produced by herself and the artist Love (Justin Anthony Barroso).

This is a tricky matter as copyright exists from the time of creation, not from when the song has been registered at the US Copyright Office, although, the works would still need to be registered with them before a lawsuit could be brought forward.

Sims’ song was registered with the US Copyright Office at the beginning of 2020 after posting it on Instagram and YouTube in 2015. Sim’s has therefore filed a $3 million lawsuit against Sony Music, H.E.R, Camper (Darhyl Camper Jr.) and Love due to the song’s obvious similarity. Additionally, Camper stated on his Instagram live that their inspiration for the ‘Focus’ song was influenced from ‘Endless Minds’, which again does not look favourable for the defendants.

The defendants and Andre Sims were able to find a resolution and finally settle on the matter. The terms or any information concerning the settlement were not disclosed, however, Sims’ lawyers stated that they are ‘pleased to see the case resolved and settled’.

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