NordicTrack sue Peloton over their new bike design.

Peloton were just sued for patent infringement by Icon Health&Fitness whom are the maker of the NordicTrack exercise bike. The suit concerns potential patent infringement on two separate features of the Peloton bike. The latter include a ‘swivelling touchscreen’ and also the bike’s ability to alter resistance levels automatically, during an online class. 

The filing alleged that companies such as Peloton have built their business on the “back of Icon’s patented technology”. This came after Icon claimed that they were granted their resistance level feature patent back in 2007 and Peloton have incorporated that technology however have altered the name to Auto-Follow.

Icon are therefore seeking unspecified damages and as well as an injunction against future sales, form the Court. This is not the first legal encounter between the two companies. A previous dispute saw Peloton suing Icon back in May, over claims of patent infringement on making their pre-recorded classes appear live. Previous suits also included allegations of infringement of Peloton’s first bike as well as their treadmill. The NordicTrack maker insist that they had obtained a large number of patents before Peloton was even founded.

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