Nominet steps in to block over a hundred Covid 19 domains

As with many industries, there has been a surge in the attempts to register Covid 19 related domain names.

Nominet, the domain registry who maintain .UK domains, have had to take action in monitoring and combating this surge in applications. The current pandemic has raised a number of new issues, a key one being the rise in spam, scam and phishing attempts on unexpecting members of the public.

Nominet have been specifically on the look out for any new domains being registered which may be for these malicious purposes and sort to block these moving forward. The last thing members of the UK public need at the moment is to be scammed at their most vulnerable time and Nominet are doing their best to prevent this from happening.

While not all domains are for illegitimate purposes, many are there to lure the public into thinking they are being provided with goods and services they need for their safety, many of which are counterfeit or will not be satisfied. Nominet has so far blocked over 180 domains which did not prove to be registered in line with Nominet’s requirements.

As always, it is important that you remain vigilant and if you are unsure or feel something it too good to be true, then its likely it will be. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team or contact Trading Standards.

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