Nokia Patent Case

Nokia Patent Case Case

13 March 2008

By Corinne Day

The mobile phone King Nokia has won a patent infringement case against US chipmaker Qualcomm.

Qualcomm brought proceedings against Nokia claiming that the mobile phone giant had infringed two of its European patents in Nokia’s GSM mobile phones, and sought an injunction to prevent Nokia from selling these phones. The High Court, however, overruled the accusations, stating that the first patent was invalid for ‘lack of novelty’ and ‘obviousness’ and that the second patent was invalid for ‘lack of inventive step’.

Apparently, Nokia and Qualcomm have been in legal disputes since Nokia failed to renew a licensing agreement that expired on 09 April 2009. Analysts have estimated that Nokia pays around $500 million to Qualcomm each year for patents, a sum which Nokia wishes to reduce.

Qualcomm has also brought proceedings against Nokia for patent infringement in the US, Germany, France, Italy and China, were the outcome is yet to be decided.

Qualcomm are considering appealing the decision.

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