Nokia, Kodak and patent licences

2009 saw another big patent litigation case in the UK involving high tech companies.

The UK High Court announced that two IPCom patents asserted against Nokia are invalid, according to Nokia spokesman Mark Durrant.

PCom also conceded defeat in a second case, due to start soon after. The case involved another three GB patents that IPCom claimed were essential to GSM or UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) standards. Unfortunately for IPCom they accepted that these patents are also invalid.

Meanwhile following their business model for coping with the loss of revenue streams from traditional strengths Eastman Kodak has issued lawsuits against both Apple and Blackberry maker Research in Motion, claiming neither of them has licensed its patents despite using the technology described therein and having been warned about it by Kodak.

Kodak also sued Samsung and LG in early December 2009, then scored an initial victory against Samsung the same month when a District Court judge ruled the South Korean giant was guilty.

Kodak and Samsung and Kodak and LG recently announced patent cross-licensing deals. Kodak also state it already has licensing agreements in place with phone makers Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola.

A quick search on tinternet will uncover many variants on Apple, Nokia, Research in Motion and Kodak and patent infringement and one can only imagine the licenses behind doors.

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