No Sunday Service in the wild: Kanye West trade mark refusal

The controversial American music artist Kanye West attempted to register the trade mark ‘Sunday Service’ with the US Patent and Trademark Office (‘USPTO’). This application was unsuccessful as it was already registered by Jeff Jonas (‘DJ Escape’).

Kanye West has been making headlines since the start of his ‘Sunday Service’ in January 2019. In April 2019, he showcased this at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California. Since then, it has been seen by some as a celebrity cult or an expression of a man committed to his interpretation of religion.

In July 2019, Kanye West applied to the USPTO to register the phrase ‘Sunday Service’ in class 25 (clothing, head wear and footwear). However, the above phrase has already been registered by DJ Escape. The USPTO held that as Kanye West’s applied-for-mark is identical both conceptually and in its meaning, registering the mark would cause confusion between the two marks.

Furthermore, as DJ Escape provides services within the music industry, the USPTO had to acknowledge that there would be a strong likelihood of confusion. However, Kanye West refuses to be deterred by this and has stated that he will be filing a response and amending his trade mark registration.

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