Nintendo and Phillips Settle Patent Dispute

Nintendo and Phillips have reached an agreement over an on-going patent infringement dispute. The dispute erupted earlier this year and concerned Wii motion tracking technology. Phillips sued Nintendo for patent infringement for Will and Wii U and had sought to get the Wii banned from sale in a number of countries, alleging that two of its motion control patents had been infringed. In June 2014 a US court ruled in Phillips’ favour.

The companies have now signed a patent licensing agreement, agreeing to cross licence portions of each company’s patent portfolio and Phillips have ended invalidity legal proceeding filed against Nintendo.

Phillips’ chief IPO officer Brian Hinman commented:

“We are very pleased to have reached this agreement with Nintendo. It demonstrates that both companies recognise the importance of intellectual property rights. It also shows the value of our extensive IP portfolio and our commitment to protect our significant investments in research and development”.

Financial details relating to the agreement have not been disclosed.

Written by: Fozia Cheychi – A Work Experience Student

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