Nike files patent infringement lawsuit against Lululemon

In its latest suit, Nike has accused Lululemon of infringing upon six of its patents for the design of its mirror home gym. The latter device consists of a mirror which can display exercise routines through the form of a screen. It enables users to compete with friends and keep track of any goals set through its associated app.

As per the filing, Nike claimed that it has been developing and patenting devices which are able to determine the speed and distance of its users since 1983, including through its Nike Run Club app. However, a Lululemon spokesperson has since stated that the patents are “overly broad and invalid” and that the company is confident of its position to defend the matter in court. Although Lululemon said that it “respects intellectual property”, it does not believe that Nike’s patents are relevant to its mirror device.

Nevertheless, Nike is seeking triple damages through alleged economic harm, alongside an injunction to prevent Lululemon from infringing its patents. The device holds similar features to that of Peloton’s products, which both enable livestream and on-demand classes. Please stay tuned for further updates on the progress of this patent infringement lawsuit.

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