Newsflash – You can now rest easy that your website is legally compliant through our Stay Legal Package

Newsflash – We will be launching our Stay Legal package as of Wednesday 20 May 2020. This decision has been made in light of a number of enquiries wishing to ensure that they are legally safe to trade from their website. We have been in the fortunate position to immediately push clients on to a bespoke, specialist service which we have branded ‘Stay Legal’.

It does not take a rocket scientist to know that image is everything when it comes to business. This image certainly stretches to compliance, protection and clear consideration on conformity with the laws of England and Wales (and beyond if necessary). Your website is the gateway to your business. You rely on this more now than ever and in light of the coronavirus outbreak you are getting 100% traffic to your website rather than it being split with either posters, flyers, a shop maybe or networking.

Stay Legal is an effective service which is undertaken by one of our solicitors to audit your website, confirm that the various legal requirements are being satisfied and check that there are no copyright issues or potential trade mark infringement (and if there is anything to report then advise accordingly). We then issue a full bespoke package some key bespoke documents such as Privacy and Cookie Policy which conforms to current legislation; Intellectual Property Notice; Terms and Conditions tailored to your website; and possibly an Acceptable Use Policy.

You will also receive our Stay Legal seal of compliance and digital certificate which highlights to the consumer that you are legally protected and gaining continued support from a regulated firm of solicitors. It is also important for those websites who operate just on a ‘Brochure Website’ basis and rely on traffic and ‘contact us’ enquiries to generate business. The website will still have to ensure it is legally compliant with Data Protection and how the data is stored and used and will also wish to warn consumers of its Intellectual Property rights and the terms of use of the site.

The Stay Legal seal enables both consumers and businesses to purchase goods and services over the Internet with the confidence that the website has complied with the laws of England and Wales at the time the online purchase or order was made. This will include not only a clearly defined set of legal terms but also compliance documents as drafted by Solicitors in relation to privacy and data protection.

We are here to discuss options and fees but either way and at no cost to you, we will signpost you so that you are not completely left wondering or worrying what you are supposed to do by law when operating your website.

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