New tool for YouTube to fight copyright infringement

Notorious for a platform rife with potential copyright infringement claims, YouTube has taken a big step in combating this within their users.

YouTube, who is owned by Google, has introduced the ‘Copyright Match’ tool to help users identify when their content has been uploaded on other accounts.

The Match tool will scan uploads to match them to existing content on the site to highlight ‘re-uploads’.

When a match is highlighted, YouTube will give the original uploader three option, to do nothing, get in touch with the other creator to discuss it or to request YouTube to remove the video.

There will also be the option for the re-uploader to amend their video to rectify the issue.

Announcing this on their blog, YouTube has stressed that the original uploader needs to ensure they are the correct owner of the copyright before taking action on matches issued by the tool. Fabio Magagna the Product manager at YouTube also adds that the tool should help users to evaluate their content before takedown notices are issued.

This is an attempt to reduce the amount of unnecessary takedown notices requested and also raise YouTube’s reputation in respect of dealing with copyright infringement seriously.

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