New Spotify patent suggests AI tool will offer music based on your accent.

If you have been keeping up to date with our reading room, you will be aware that Spotify recently made headlines with their AI plagiarism tool, set to prevent artists from getting into copyright infringement disputes. A new patent now suggests the music app will offer songs to its users based on how they speak.

As per the patent, the concept could use audio signals such as the user’s voice and even their accent in order to understand the genre of music the listener wants to hear. Furthermore, the “emotional state of the speaker” will also be taken into consideration, perhaps in order to further-solidify their algorithm. The matter gets more interesting, as the patent author details that the new AI feature may be able to identify if the user is outside, at a party, in their car as well as potentially noting how many other users the listener is sharing this space with.

It is clear that Spotify, amongst many other giant companies, is trying to gather as much data as possible in order to acquire the perfect algorithm, which will in turn tailor the musical experience to each individual. Although this may appear slightly invasive, it is something that has been incorporated by other companies for a number of years now. Let’s hope that at least from this we will be able to acquire the right music at the right time. This is a patent application only, thus there is no certainty that the AI service will be featured on Spotify’s app. 

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