New initiative allows for more prompt and efficient way of conductance for the record industry.

IFPI and WIN, two worldwide record industry groups, announce new initiative designed to simplify the operation of record labels providing database content which they own. The Repertoire Data Exchange project ( RDx ) will now ensure record labels and owners of copyright log their copyright on a relevant data base in a much more efficient manner. The above listed companies explain that previously a variety of databases delivery processes were utilised in order to supply content- this challenged the supply of record data, making it less efficient and much more costly.

The new initiative proposes that data will now be massively improved as RDx will offer all right holders to supply their repertoire data from a single registration point, rather than several.
IFPI bosses insist that all parties shall benefit from this prompt change as it will decrease costs for right holders and improve efficiency, as it would allow societies to retrieve and collect their data from one single point. This won’t only decrease the costs, as previously mentioned, but will lead to a more accurate and instantaneous distribution of revenues.

Written by Lora Krasteva who is a second year law student at Solent University.

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