New copyright rules from EU encourage money making online

Recently released from the EU Commission, the new rules in relation to copyright that may form a part of a new directive are focused on making it easier for creators to make money from their works posted online.

The rules will force sites such as YouTube, owned by Google, to remove or authorise videos containing copyrighted works therefore making them give the right holders of these works more of a revenue.

Google, for example, has been the butt of many creators’ frustration for not allowing them to claim the correct level of compensation for the unauthorised use of their works on the google owned site YouTube.

This newly proposed directive will therefore shift some of the power away from the big corporation and towards the content creators who are currently being underpaid and dismissed when questioning the use of their works without authorisation.

There will also be a similar focus made on journalistic creations and the use of them without the proper payment for it.

These rules are not set in stone as they still need to be approved by the European Parliament which could take months but this is a good step towards a more balanced online platform.

Definitely a development to keep an eye on!

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