Neil Young files copyright infringement suit against Donald Trump’s Campaign

Musician Neil Young filed a copyright infringement suit against Donald Trump’s campaign, on Tuesday. This comes as a result of Trump using Young’s songs without any license or authorisation to do so. The President’s campaign included the full performance of songs “Rockin’ The Free World” and “Devil’s Sidewalk”. Furthermore, the musician noted that Trump has made use of his music, for campaigning purposes, in the past, including his last rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Young has previously made several claims that he is going to sue Trump, however changed his mind when he found out that the venues, in which the campaigns were carried out in, had obtained public performance licenses from ASCAP and BMI. However, as more musical artists are rebelling against their content being used for political enhancement, the latter performance organisations slowly began to allow artists to exclude their music from any political use. Now ASCAP and BMI are warning candidates that performance licenses might not cover all claims made by a musician.

The musical artist is now willing to demonstrate that Trump has wilfully infringed his copyright content and will seek for the President to hold off from playing any of his songs in the future. In many circumstances, suits filed against politicians settle before judgement, as the legal process is very slow. Nonetheless, there still remains a high level of ambiguity when it comes to copyright, in the political context, perhaps leaving politicians to find limited success in the courtroom.

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