National Trading Standards investigates ticket touting.

We have reported previously about steps to limit ticket touting, but nothing has been hugely successful to date. However, National Trading Standards have announced that they have raided four properties in total across the UK regarding ‘alleged misconduct in the ticket resale market’.

Those that campaign for new improved regulations limiting touts and websites that allow the selling themselves, are also pushing for the existing rules to be better. The Consumer Rights Act 2015 is an example of how the government have tried to limit touting, and big player touts have to conform to other consumer protection laws as well. It was considered in 2016 through a government commissioned review of secondary ticketing that it was the National Trading Standards who were best placed to limit secondary touting.

Although it has taken this long for the National Trading Standards to action this, they have now confirmed that raids have taken place across the UK “as part of an ongoing investigation looking in to unfair practices in the secondary ticketing market and particularly the practices of businesses that buy and sell tickets in bulk”. They announced that four people have been arrested under suspicion of breaches of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. They are also working with the Competitions and Markets Authority following an investigation to enforce consumer rights rules within ticket touting sites, mainly the big four.

FanFair who are an anti-touting campaign group released a statement saying “FanFair Alliance welcomes what sounds like a comprehensive raid by National Trading Standards. With new legislation due for enforcement in 2018, and the Competition and Markets Authority promising action against secondary ticketing sites that break consumer protection laws, this should mark the beginning of a long-awaited clean-up of this market”.

Let’s wait and see what further regulations and legislation come in to force in 2018 to tackle this on-going issue.

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