Nando’s v Fernando’s

Fernando’s may be forced to change its name and other images such as their cockerel logo after being accused of copying the other businesses name/other branding. (Nando’s).

Fernando’s got a legal letter saying that their logo and name were too similar to Nando’s and that they must change it.

The restaurant has been told that the cockerel and some other images on the menus are too similar. It has also been told that the name is also too similar.

Fernando’s director has said that he is being forced into changing his name which will cost them quite a lot.

Fernando’s have also said that their chicken is nothing like Nando’s because they chose specific chicken from a Portuguese background because Fernando’s is a Portuguese name. They got the inspiration for a Portuguese theme because they wanted to sell peri peri chicken.

Fernando’s director has said that it took them a year to think of all the branding so having to change it all is going to be quite frustrating.

A spokesman for Nando’s has said that they are very proud of their brand and that their customers love it. Nando’s are wanting Fernando’s to change all similarities between them both.

Fernando’s have claimed that because they wanted all things a Portuguese style, they searched for a Portuguese style chicken for their logo. However, it just so happened to look a lot like Nando’s chicken logo.

Fernando’s said that they just wanted to have a chicken shop but he had no Idea how similar it was to Nando’s shop. They have also said renaming and logos will be.

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