Name sake corner shop supermarket swap: Singhburys to Morrisinghs

Corner shop owner in North Tyneside, has pushed his business into the news spotlight after choosing another legally risky but humourous shop name.

Jel Singh Nagra owns a convenience newsagents in small mining village. West Allotment.

You may think that this kind of small newsagents would not even be on the big supermarkets radar.

You would be right but this is no ordinary newsagents.

In a bid to bring a smile to his customers faces, Mr Nagra decided to name his little shop Singhbury’s, as a play on words with his name and the big supermarket, Sainsburys.

While the locals loved it and it allowed Mr Nagra to build a good business in the community, others weren’t so supportive.

Sainsburys didn’t see the funny side and send Mr Nagra a cease and desist letter in 2012 stating that if he did not change the name of the shop and did not remove the alleged connection with their brand, they would proceed with legal action.

While Mr Nagra complied with their demands and removed the shop signs, customers still continued to refer to it as Singhsbury’s.

Five years on and with a push from his local and loyal customers, Mr Nagra has renamed his shop, with an equally controversial name.

The new name is….. Morrisinghs.

Mr Nagra was bracing himself for another heavy hitting letter from Morrisons but they seem to have bit more of a sense of humour and have taken it in good spirits.

Morrisons have released a statement in which they say ‘ Mr Nagra and his customers obviously have good taste so we wish him well and are happy for him to keep the name’.

This was a welcome relief for Mr Nagra who can now continue to serve his community and bring a smile to people’s faces.

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