MP3 Fiber closed down following threats from the Recording Industry Association of America

MP3 Fiber was a platform whereby users could paste the link of a YouTube, Soundcloud or Daily Motion video and the platform would ‘rip’ the audio from the video, presenting the user with a MP3. The MP3 can then be listened to bypassing the advertising that generates revenue for artists.

Obviously the entertainment industry is not happy about this practice although I am sure there are many ‘pirates’ that swear by it.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and another of other heavyweights have stepped in, they asked DomainsByProxy (DBP) to provide the details of MP3 Fiber’s operators.

Torrent Freak reported that DBP handed over the information and informed the operator that it had done so. The operator, whom is based in Canada, believed that the site was a legal operation. This was claimed on the back of Canada’s blank media levy which applies to blank audio recording media and provides developers of content with the received income.

The RIAA did not agree and pointed out that any Canadian defence would not be applicable in the US, where MP3 Fiber was also available. The RIAA went on to inform MP3 Fiber’s operator of a number of other MP3 ripping sites that have been shut down, and in an effort to avoid a presumably costly legal battle MP3 Fiber was shut down.

MP3 Fiber’s operator told TorrentFreak that “This site was actually run as a hobby. We spent more on servers then we ever made so did not want to get into any legal battles. We pretty much gave in to their demands without too many other thoughts,”

But as is common in the world of media pirates, as one ship sinks another will sail.

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