Movie mogul is suing YouTube for widespread copyright infringement.

Carlos Vasallo has been left with no option other than to sue YouTube for copyright infringement after his movies still appear on the platform, despite 10,000 takedown notices. The actor and producer owns rights to the world’s largest collection of Mexican and Latin American movies, however, many of the films are illegally shared on the video site, with little interference from YouTube.

In order to maintain copyright protection, YouTube uses an advanced piracy detection system, which disables any videos uploaded without permission from the rightsholder. This is also known as their Content-ID system, which in most instances performs well, however it is only limited to a selected group of copyright holders. YouTube previously offered Carlos access to the system, however, he refused as that would require him to release the online platform from all piracy claims that took place in the past.

Resultingly, the movie tycoon decided to send DMCA takedown notices instead. Unfortunately, this did not provide Mr Vasallo with the outcome he hoped for, as while existing pirated copies were being removed, new ones would appear instantly. Further, if a user was banned from the platform, they would return under a new name to continue distributing the illegal copies. The suit argued that YouTube should take more reasonable steps in order to filter potential copyright infringement. Further, Mr Vasallo argued that YouTube only offers the Content-ID system to selected rightsholders, in order to monetize the billions of views received on such videos, which are not protected by the system.

The Claimant is seeking damages for the “willingly induced” infringement, and as there are over 700 pirated titles, the potential amount adds up to over $100 million. Be sure to stay tuned for any further updates on the matter, on our reading room.

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