More Internet Memes to be sold as an NFT after the rise in sales continues to increase.

There has been a recent surge in sales of Internet Memes as Non-Fungible Tokens on a range of cryptocurrency auction sites. Ranging from the ‘Disaster Girl’ meme, featuring a devilishly-grinned 5-year-old girl in the foreground of a burning building, being sold for 180 Ethereum, (roughly £341,000), to a recently popularised meme, appropriately titled ‘Four Lads in Jeans’, simply featuring four men in Birmingham wearing jeans outside of a restaurant, which was sold as an NFT on Thursday 13th May.

Following the new-found-fame that the individuals featured in the memes have received, other old and new memes have been surfacing and disappearing, only to be sold as NFTs, closely following in the previous meme’s footsteps.

In 2007, one of the world’s most recognisable viral clips of all time, was published to Youtube, in an attempt to reach family members in the developing days of the internet. The 56-second clip features brothers; Charlie and Harry Davis-Carr, sitting on a blue couch. Then aged three and one, shows baby Charlie biting onto Harry’s finger. The video quickly shot to fame and now has 881 million views, making it the most watched viral video of all time.

As NFTs have exploded into the cultural market earlier this year, and are only continuing to become popular as a form of internet history and memorabilia, it was only natural for Harry and Charlie’s dad, Howard, to decide to sell the video as a one-of-one NFT. With the boys now heading into adulthood, the sale of the NFT could improve their lives in the future, with the estimated £100,000 having already been profited off of the video being put towards their education in the past.

By having a unique and single NFT sale, the purchaser will be the only owner of the video, as the cryptocurrency that will be used in the sale will be a similar form of technology that demonstrates the single ownership of those who own digital coins like Bitcoin.

The auction is due to begin on May the 22nd, on the 14th anniversary of the video being published, and will, not only, transfer the ownership to the buyer, it will also provide them with the opportunity to recreate the famous short video with the brothers anywhere in the world. It will run for 24 hours, and, once finished, the Davis-Carr family have stated that the original video will be removed from Youtube permanently, providing the new owner the opportunity to have the video in its new and technologically advanced form, constructing them into internet history.

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