Microsoft Set to Expand Piracy War

It has been reported this week that Microsoft are set to take more extensive and wide spread action against software piracy.

Whilst the software produced by Microsoft is without doubt a market leader and generates significant revenue, it does however lose a considerable chunk of its profits to piracy and pirate software.

It is reported that over 300 actions have/ will be commenced relying on criminal as well as civil laws.

News reports suggest that actions have already been taken in China, India and 68 other countries across the world.

Microsoft has just launched Windows 7 and it is reported that copies are being sold illegally for as little as $1.00. It is important for Microsoft and the industry that piracy is cracked down on. If IP is not respected (and enforced in the media spotlight) then this will surely encourage piracy the proceeds of which often engender further related and unrelated criminal activity.

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