Microsoft pursues TikTok talks in the US after Trump Tweets

One company who has been a big winner through lockdown is TikTok. The video sharing app has massively grown in popularity, with celebrities all over the world gaining millions of views on short videos and dance crazes.

It is therefore no surprise that the app, which is currently owned by a Chinese company, has caught the eye of the big corporations.

Tech giant Microsoft has confirmed it is in talks to purchase the service in the US, Canada, New Zealdn and Australia.

This confirmation comes after US President Donald Trump tweeted that the app would be banned in the US on the grounds of security concerns.

Microsoft boss Satya Nadella has confirmed that a conversation with Trump has been had and they are still interested in purchasing the app. They have confirmed that a full security review will take place before the purchase moves forward and any of the President’s concerns will be put to rest and the benefits to the country will be made clear.

If this goes ahead, the estimated 80 million US users will be pleased that they can continue to use their new favourite app and also save in the knowledge that their data will remain in the US.

With talks due to come to a close Mid September, we shall soon see how the future of TikTok in the US will unfold.

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