Michael Jordan Set To Take Trade Mark Case To Highest Court In China

Lawyers for basketball star Michael Jordan have confirmed that Michael Jordan is set to take a trade mark dispute with Chinese sports company- Qiaodan Sports to China’s Supreme Court- The highest Court in the country. This will escalate one of several cases alleging local firms of illegally copying global brands.

Michael Jordan, a former Chicago Bulls Star initiated legal proceedings against Fujian based Qiaodan Sports in 2012, alleging that the sportswear company has built its business around his Chinese name and famous jersey number “23” without his permission.

An official at the Chinese firm and legal representatives for Jordan told Reuters that earlier this year, a court ruled in favour of Qiaodan over the trade mark dispute, and this ruling was upheld by the Beijing Municipal High People’s Court.

In an email statement a spokesperson from Jordan’s legal team state: “In light of the trademark dispute ruling, we intend to appeal to the Supreme People’s Court for retrial, it further stated that a separate case with Qiaodan Sports over naming rights was still ongoing.

This case is one of several involving foreign firms facing trade mark disputes In China.

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