Michael B Jordan under fire for cultural appropriation over rum brand

In a world full of brands, it can sometimes be a minefield seeking out the best brand name for your business.

One obstacle many have fallen foul of is cultural appropriation. Cultural appropriation is the use of an element of a certain culture or identity by others that are not related to that culture.

In a recent matter, actor Michael B Jordan has come under fire from rapper Nicki Minaj for Caribbean cultural appropriation. Jordan have revealed the name of his rum brand as J’Ouvert, which is a carnival that, while celebrating Caribbean culture, has ties to 19th Century slavery.

Minaj posted on Instagram raising the issue and stated that Jordan should rethink the name.

Jordan noted this and issued an apology citing confirmation that the name will change and the intentions were never to cause offence.

If you have any concerns over your brand name or would like some advice in respect of trade marks, please get in touch with the team today.

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