Meghan Markle wins copyright infringement lawsuit against British tabloid.

During an online hearing last week, a judge agreed that Meghan Markle owns sole copyright to the personal letter addressed to her father, penned back in 2018. The dispute arose after Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL), the publisher of the Mail on Sunday, distributed parts of the letter and consequently invaded Meghan’s privacy. Meghan claimed that the distribution of her written work constituted copyright infringement as the publisher shared it without her approval.

Judge Mark Warby stated that the Duchess’s private information was misused by the publisher, and subsequently, Meghan won the case on privacy grounds. Nonetheless, it was stated that a “limited trial” would be necessary in order to decide on the copyright matters involved. ANL’s legal team argued that the copyright did not belong to Meghan, and instead alleged that the letter was strategised by the Royal Family, more specifically their Communications Secretary, Jason Knauf.

In the recent hearing, Mr Knauf denied allegations of helping Meghan draft the letter to her father. It was detailed that he supported her during the painful process, however had no contribution in the making of the letter. This revelation was able to aid Meghan in acquiring this win against the tabloid, as it was established that she was indeed the sole copyright owner of the written work in question.

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