Meghan Markle awarded damages in copyright claim with Mail on Sunday

As previously reported on the Reading Room, Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle has been awarded damages in her claim against the Mail on Sunday.

This claim was in relation to the misuse of personal information and copyright infringement after the Mail used extracts of a private letter sent by the Duchess, to her father Thomas Markle in 2018.

The ruled in Meghan’s favour and was awarded summary judgment, meaning the case didn’t need to go to trial as Associated Newspapers Limited (who own the Mail) did not have a valid defence.

With an appeal dismissed, the matter turns to damages. It had already been noted by Meghan’s legal team that she would accept a nominal payment in respect of damages for misuse of private information in return for an account of profits in terms of the monies made by Associated Newspapers in respect of copyright infringement.

Meghan has therefore been awarded £1.00 with the settlement of copyright damages kept under wraps in a confidential settlement. It has been confirmed that this settlement was substantial, and it is the intention of Meghan to donate this to charity.

The Newspaper also has been ordered to pay £300,000.00 in costs to the Duchess for the matter.

It will be interesting to see if the settlement figure will ever be released and whether this matter does rumble on any further.

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