McFest Charity Event Challenged by McDonalds

McDonalds are in the midst of yet another trade mark battle.

The fast food giant is notorious for its fierce protection over its trade mark rights. In particular last years ‘McCurry’ dispute is one that comes to mind even though McDonalds eventually lost that claim.

The latest dispute is with a teenager from Chicago USA. Lauren McClusky runs an annual charity live music event in aid of the Chicago wing of the Special Olympics. McClusky named the event McFest, which follows from the Mc aspect of her surname.

Having filed a trade mark application for McFest McClusky has been on the receiving end of a “suit”. It is expected that this is actually an opposition. If a trade mark application is filed for a similar or identical mark to that of your registered or unregistered trade mark you can oppose i.e. argue that the applicant should not be allowed the registration as it would infringe your rights.

It is reported that McDonalds are looking to settle the dispute (perhaps they might end up sponsoring the event?).

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