Match tries to bring date disaster to a close in Bumble dispute

A battle between two dating app companies has moved to the next level.

The dispute stated in March, and stemmed from Match filing a claim for patent and trade mark infringement against rival app Bumble, claiming that Bumble has infringed on Match owned Tinder’s look and functionality.

The features in question that Match highlighted were the chat screen and the use of ‘swipes’ which Match claims are nearly identical to Tinder and have had an impact on the Tinder brand.

Bumble hit back claiming that the claim comes after a failed bid by Match to buy Bumble and is just a tactic to clear the market of competition.

In their fight back, Bumble filed a complaint in the Texas state court against Match, claiming interference with attempts to sell Bumble.

Match did not receive this lightly and have this week filed a motion to remove the Texas claim, stating it should have been raised as a counterclaim to the Federal IP proceedings.

It will be interesting to see how this one turns out, time will tell if this rivalry with end with the two parties living happily ever after in harmony.

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