Mariah Carey lacking the ‘luck of the Irish’ with Irish cream trade mark dispute

Singer Mariah Carey has stepped into the drinks market with her new product but has come under fire for its name.

Carey has recently released ‘Black Irish’ which is the name of her Irish cream liqueur brand.

It seems however that Carey did not do her homework before releasing the brand as she has been hit with an EU trade mark legal claim as the name was not free to use.

Darker Still Spirits owns the trade mark ‘Black Irish’ for their blended whiskey and stout product in the UK and the EU.

The Brewery has therefore objected to the use of its trade mark by the singer and the proceedings are still ongoing. These were ongoing when Carey proceeded to announce and launch her product publicly.

In addition to the name issue, it seems there is an issue with the product itself. Irish cream liqueur is a protected geographical indication which means any product has to be of a certain standard and made in a certain way to be sold under the name. A very well-known example of this is Champagne.

It is the responsibility of the Irish Department of Agriculture to confirm if a product satisfies the criteria and grants the seller the right to use the name. It seems this is another step that Carey has not yet done.

Keep your eye on the reading room for further updates on this and to see if Mariah can sing for her supper and get herself out of this legal hole.

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