Lizzo gives copyright credit over tweet lyric row

As someone not in the music industry, it can be very interesting to see where hit music stars get their inspiration from for their songs.

In many cases, they stem from their own experiences, however on other occasions artists use other people’s experiences and this can cause a problem.

Lizzo found herself in one such scenario as it came to light, she can copied a meme tweet and used it as the first line of her song ‘Truth Hurts’.

Lizzo attempted to trade mark the line which is “I just took a DNA test turns out I’m 100% that…” but this was blocked by singer Mina Lioness.

Mina tweeted the line in 2017 but Lizzo initially claimed to have not seen it.
However, Lizzo has now announced that the tweet influenced her, and Mina Lioness has been credited on the song.

Truth hurts has become a big hit in recent years, with Lizzo performing at Coachella. Therefore, I am sure Mina Lioness will be happy to receive a slice of the pie for her influence.

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