‘Liverpool’ Trade mark bid by Football club causes anger

Liverpool FC (LFC) has not been making many fans in its local area lately after its latest trade mark bid causes issues.

The Premiership football team has filed a trade mark application for the word ‘Liverpool’ in respect of football related items.

This application is to add to its ever growing trade mark portfolio, which protects its badge and the words ‘Liverpool Football Club’.

Many businesses in Liverpool have spoken out against the application, with the club shutting the critics down by stating that the application is just for football related items and therefore will not affect many of these businesses.

However, one team that will be affected is City of Liverpool FC, another football team based in the city currently in the Northern Premier League.
The City team have spoken out about the application and have slammed LFC for not taking a look around them and recognising they are not the only football team that includes the word ‘Liverpool’.

The general public are also getting involved, as a petition requesting the application is abandons has attracted thousands of signatures.
It will be interesting to see if this application even makes it to the UKIPO for consideration or if LFC will bow to the public pressure and withdraw.

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