Lidl in hot water in US over similar brand

Grocery store business Kroger, who are one of the biggest grocery stores in the US, have taken on Lidl over a line of products which they claim to be causing confusion with one of their own.

Kroger claims that Lidl’s ‘Preferred Selection’ brand is too similar in name and appearance to their ‘Private Selection’ brand and as infringed their trade marks.

Kroger stated in the claim that this confusion has been a deliberate act and will cause irreparable harm to Kroger’s brand.

There was an indication of an issue with Lidl’s brand when Kroger first objected to the brand in March through the Trade Mark Trial and Appeal Board of the United States Patent and Trade Office.

Kroger have taken it one step further and filed a lawsuit.

There has been no response as it stands from Lidl so it is yet to be seen if they will battle against the claim or back down and re-think their branding.

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