Legal support offer to YouTube users from Google


The tech giant has offered users of its media sharing website legal advice and support to help tackle the amount of copyright takedown notices they receive.

They have announced that the support will be aimed as those who have a strong case of fair use and have been issued takedowns under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

“With approval of the video creators, we’ll keep the videos live on YouTube in the US, feature them in the YouTube Copyright Center as strong examples of fair use, and cover the cost of any copyright lawsuits brought against them,” explained Fred von Lohmann, Google’s copyright legal director.

Google does stress, however, their support will only be available to a small number which may not include all that have a solid case as funds are not unlimited. However they are going to endeavour to help all they can.

This announcement come after an altercation between Universal Music and the uploader of a 29 second video. Mother, Stephanie Lenz, included a part of Prince’s Let’s Go Crazy in a dancing video of her son. This led to Universal Music issuing a DMCA notice ordering its takedown. She was successfully defended by privacy group Electronic Frontier Foundation.

This action from Google gives the impression they are willing to support its creatives and appreciate their efforts to improve the business.

This could be the boost to end the continuous requests for unnecessary copyright takedown notices for creators across the internet.


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