Legal action taken against Uber

The taxi service app, Uber, has been hit with legal action, as drivers are unhappy with the lack of basic employee rights. Uber claim that drivers that work for them are partners in the company not employees therefore are not entitled to statutory requirements in relation to pay, holiday and health and safety.

The GMB Union, who represent professional drivers and are taking the case forward on behalf of members driving for Uber. Want to rebuff this claim and state that Uber owes the same responsibilities towards its drivers as any other employer to its workers. This includes the entitlement to the minimum wage and paid leave.

The GMB’s Steve Garelick said: “Operators like Uber must understand that they have an ethical and social policy that matches society’s expectations of fair and honest treatment.”

Uber have responded by stating that drivers are aware they become their own boss when working for them. They also claim that this is a main reason why many drivers prefer to work for them as opposed to being employed by a traditional taxi company. An Uber spokesman stated that it is the flexibility of working hours and working environment that draws workers towards their company.

GMB have instructed law firm, Leigh Day, to act on their behalf so expect to here more on this very soon.

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