Kylie Minogue spins around after UK IP Court decision claiming no copyright infringement

Kylie Minogue is known for her feminine style and catchy pop songs. The pop star has recently lost a copyright infringement claim against the ex-model Caprice Bourret and her bedding range.

Ashley Wilde a British company based in Welham Green, England partnered up with Kylie Minogue to create a bedding range called Kylie Minogue At Home.

Caprice Bourret is the founder of By Caprice Home line that was relaunched in February 2019.

Ashley Wild claimed that By Caprice Home had infringed its ‘Amore’ duvet cover and the matching bed runner. This was stated to be identical to Kylie Minogue At Home Evangeline range (featured online on Good in 2013).

Ashley Wild had claimed that its designs were infringed by the scallop-style pleated pattern that was featured on the Evangeline range of bedding.

However, the UK High Court ruled that the similarities between the products were not likely the result of direct infringement, as the scallop-style pleated design has been widely used in the textile industry for centuries. Evidence on this point was provided by the expert for By Caprice Home.

The High Court had to consider the specifics of the industry, the origin of the design and who the design belonged to. In this case, the owner of the design was not relevant, as the scallop-style design was experiencing a recent resurgence around the time period that the two companies were designing their bedding range.

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