Kit Kat needs Breakout from Atari Trouble

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak’s Atari, the company behind popular video games for a number of generations, is suing Nestle for copying their game, Breakout, in their Kit Kat advert. They filed the suit in San Francisco court on Thursday August 17th. Nestle have acknowledged the case, but remain certain they are in the right.

Breakout was released in 1970 and has remained in numerous generations’ hearts ever since. It is a successor to ‘Pong’, another classic video game. Atari claim Nestle have used every aspect of their historic game, from the name, to the whole design. Nestle named the advert ‘Kit Kat: Breakout’. Atari claim the imitation is ‘blatant’, and Kit Kat have stolen the whole game, but replaced the bricks with Kit Kats.

The advert features an array of people sitting on a sofa playing a video game together. On their screen, Kit Kats line the top, and a bounce pad moves from side to side at the bottom, while a small ball is used to ‘destroy’ the Kit Kats.

Although the ad is no longer running, Atari are determined to make Kit Kat pay for this allegedly blatant move to re-engage audiences interest in a classic and popular game, through copyright infringement of the name, design and essence of Breakout.Â

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