Kim Kardashian sues doctor who used her to promote ‘vampire facials’

Dr Charles Runel is in the process of getting sued by Kim Kardashian, after he made use of her face and name to promote a surgical procedure known as the ‘vampire facial’. This a procedure which involves extracting the patient’s own blood and then inserting it into their face, through the use of micro-needles. Kim Kardashian was first publicly seen receiving the treatment in an episode of ‘Kourtney and Kim take Miami’.

Court documents filed against the doctor reveal that Kim is suing for copyright infringement, false association as well as violation of the right of publicity. Kim Kardashian was described as ‘horrified’ to find her face all over Dr Runel’s website, the documents read. Further claims insist Kardashian reached out to the Alabama-based doctor with a request to stop promoting his service through her, which he supposedly declined to do. Such an endorsement with Kim would require a fee well into eight figures, assuming she would even agree to an endorsement of this kind.

Runel has publicly responded to Kardashian’s claims, writing on his website that he didn’t ask her to use the names to promote her show, as it was her choice to do so. Dr Runel has agreed to remove all mention of Kardashian from his website, as if she never had the procedure done. The doctor in question should have been more considerate and careful in his promotion of the vampire facial. He should’ve been aware that he wouldn’t get away with false association when it comes the Kardashians, as they aim to protect their brand image and demand very high figures for endorsements.

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